2017 and the ‘dette ryan’ project

Cath Kidston, Sibella Court, Rachel Ashwell, you are my heroes! Why? Because you took a design ethos and made it your own, and that is what I want to do. So the ‘dette ryan’ project for 2017 is to determine and present my own brand, something that distinguishes the dette ryan product from everything else! By the end of 2017, I will be able to say, hey that is what dette ryan is about!

I have muddled about with social media, including this blog, without much success too date. In 2015 my blog really languished with only 17 posts for the whole year and in 2016, nothing from me at all! So how can I use this blog to establish my brand?

I was having what I now think of as my ‘Julia and Julia’ moment, when I decided I would post each week until the end of the year. One week will be a ‘found’ object and the alternate week, a ‘made’ object.

Whoops before I go and get on with it, I do realise a simple, build it and they will come approach on its own won’t do the trick. So I will be posting on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ….

PS: Would love to get your feedback along the journey

Many thanks

dette x

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