Lola Lobster, love her or hate her?

For a while Lola the lobster was Calypso the crayfish until I asked the question: ‘what is the difference between a lobster and a crayfish?’ Basically lobsters and crayfish have a very similar appearance, with two large front claws, tough exoskeletons and eight legs. The main difference would appear to be size! Crayfish are much smaller, averaging two to six inches long, while lobsters are typically at least eight inches, although they can grow up to more than 20 inches long, when they are harvested for food. So given this beauty is well in excess of eight inches, she now graces my wall as a lobster.

Lola is made using plywood, wire, canvas, paper, etc. I think she is brilliant, but realise not everyone shares this. One of my sisters refers to her as the giant cockroach!!! No accounting for taste is there? I always thought she would look great on the wall of a fish shop, but for the moment she hangs in my kitchen.


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