Summer dresses

One of my most vivid memories from when I was young is going to the dress makers with three of my aunts. The dress maker lived in a 1940’s? weatherboard house and a room at the front of the house had a sun porch where she had her sewing machine set up. In the room itself was what I thought at the time, a huge high bed with wooden bed ends. Draped over the bed, chairs and wardrobe were pieces of fabric. An absolute wonderland. Well there are times when I am out in my shed embarking on yet another project and several pieces of fabric are draped across every available surface whilst I decide the one I will use, that I think of the dress makers house.

Recently one of my sisters came to visit and we headed out to my shed (renamed the ‘design workshop’ by her), to look at fabrics and what to make. As the weather was hot, especially for a couple of NZ lassies, we decided on the simple elastic neck and sleeve peasant dress. Given that she is also a beginner in sewing terms and was determined to ‘sew it herself’, this project was deemed achievable!

Voila, the results ….



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